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How do I remove my supplier listing?


Hit the DELETE button on your listing(s) from inside your My Account section of the website. You'll need to log in. Once you delete a listing it is gone forever. If you accidentally delete it, is gone forever... you'll have to re-enter all information.

Search Engines

It is possible that search engines will have indexed your page and still have the your link to your page appearing in search engine results after your have deleted it form our website. If the link is clicked however, the page, having being deleted from our website, will show a 404 page not found error msg. In a short period of time, the search engines will remove links to pages with 404 error messages. The length of time this takes is out of the control of Entertainment Now. You can contact Google and other engines and request a page link removal.

If you don't want your information to appear on Google and other search engines for privacy or other reasons, do not place a listing on our directory. Google indexes this site multiple times per week. (It's great if you want sales though!) :-)

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