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Can my agent list my business on this site?


Yes. As long as you understand that your business can be only listed ONCE and therefore you CANNOT have your own listing for that business and the same time.

Let's look at some examples.

  1. ABC Theatrical Agent lists Ms Ima Goodsinger's profile (a vocalist / entertainers) and enters the contact details of the ABC Theatrical Agent. The listing name is Ima Goodsinger. Now, Ms Ima Goodsinger can not create a listing by the name of Ima Goodsinger with her own contact details - UNLESS she asks ABC Theatrical Agent to remove their listing for Ms Ima Goodsinger.

  2. EFG Corporate Band is represented by 4 different entertainment agencies plus they can be booked directly by the band leader. If the bandleader creates a listing for EFG Corporate Band, then no other agent listing is permitted. If an agent lists EFG Corporate band first and then the band leader wants to create a EFG Corporate Band listing with the bands contact details, then the bandleader should contact that agent and request the removal of the band's agent listing. Once removed, then the bandleader can create the bands own listing. If the band does not require their own listing, the rule for the 4 entertainment agents is 'first come, first served'. Only one listing for 'EFG Corporate Band' is permitted per state.

Entertainment Now expects and encourages good rapport and relationships between agents or managers and their represented artists. Further more, Entertainment Now does not expect to act as mediator in matters of an agent / artist relationship so please do not ask.

IMPORTANT: If any matter cannot be resolved; by default, Entertainment Now will give 'right of way' to the artist or direct owner of the business or service. Any other conflicting listing will be removed. Everyone plays nice at Entertainment Now.

Why do we do this? Simple! To give the end user (or your potential client) the best possible experience on this website.

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