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I've uploaded my photos but they are not showing on my profile?


They maybe a few explanations for your photos not showing.

1. You have a comma in the file name.

Eg. Your image is named "March 18, 2012ABCphoto.jpg"

It's not a good idea to use commas in file names as a comma is commonly used a 'separator' in computer speak. Your browser will read the filename up to the comma and then because of the comma it will stop reading the filename and therefore return a 404 file not found msg OR it will simply not display in the browser.

SOLUTION: Rename your image and remove the comma. Then upload again.

TIP: Remove all spaces from file names and replace with a hyphen - Eg march-18-2012-abc-photo.jpg. Lowercase is also nice.

2. Your image has an incompatible filename extension.

We accept .jpg, .png and .gif.

SOLUTION: Convert your image to one of these file name types.

3. Your image file size is too large.

There is absolutely no reason to justify large file size images for display only purposes on a website. Even a large image for a website, say 800px × 600px CAN and SHOULD be under 100kb, even closer to 50kb. No-one likes to wait for a website to load and large file size images are generally the main culprit.

SOLUTION: RESIZE your IMAGES BEFORE you upload them. HOW? Search for Image resizers. We've used which works well.

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