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Quick Start Guide: I just listed. What do I do now?


Thanks for listing your business on Entertainment Now. Now you need to create a listing and upload your information.

1. Login

Your login details will have been emailed to you. Remember your password.

Go to and SIGN IN

2. Go to My Account

Click My Account on the black top navigation bar

If you haven't created a listing yet, this page will be mainly blank.

Click the 'Add Additional Listing +' link to add your listing

3. Complete Supplier Listing Form

This is an extensive form which includes all the information you will display on your listing profile page. You can start by just adding the compulsory listing details first like listing name, location and contact details along as well as selecting your categories and then creating the listing OR you can go ahead and fill out the entire form out in one go. If you enter the compulsory information, you'll give the system enough info to create your listing. You can then come back to it later and edit / update it.

USE THE HINT  - HOVER over this icon to reveal hints for each field.

Once you have entered this compulsory contact information you can either 1) Hit the 'Create Listing' button or 2) continue with the form and upload image and audio files.

You have 5 testimonials that you may enter as well. Each testimonial has a 4 fields to enter.

  1. Headline: This is where you can take a snippet of text from your paragraph.Eg "You Guys Are Amazing". Use Title Text Here - Capitalise The First Letter Of Every Word - for maximum effect.
  2. Testimonial: Paste your paragraph testimonial in this box. (Max 1024 characters)
  3. Client Name: No brainer!
  4. Client Type or Company: This is a free text field. Add client company or any other decription that makes sense for your client. eg'Married 1st June 2000' or 'Parent of music student'. Simply add something that makes sense to your readers.

Complete the 2 part Services Supplied section.

  1. Services List (hold CTRL key to select multiple). Only select the categories that realistically apply to your business. You can select as many as required but they MUST be relevant. IMPORTANT: YOUR LISTING MAY BE REJECTED BY ADMIN at anytime IF you have selected EXCESSIVE SERVICE CATEGORIES that are not appropriate or relevant to your business. Under no circumstances should you Select All.
  2. Services Description: Add a few paragraphs about the services and/or products you supply.

Complete any remaining fields and hit the 'Create Listing' button.

4. Edit Supplier Listing Form

You can edit and update your listing at any time.

5. Like Us on Facebook

Don't forget to like us on Facebook to get real time updates and notifications of event job posts as they come in. Event organizers like brides, event mangers and people hosting parties will post job ads for "entertainers wanted". As a supplier, you can respond directly and be proactive in securing more jobs.

Like Entertainment Now.

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