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Help & Support

 Here is a list of FAQs about our website.

How does it work? Getting Started

1. I am a supplier of an entertainment or event service... How does it work?
2. I want to book some entertainment for my event... Do I need to pay to use this website?
3. What is a buyer?
4. What is a supplier?

Pricing and Plans

1. Can I change plans at any time?
2. Do I have to sign a long term contract?
3. How much does it cost?
4. What is the maximum amount of listings I can have?
5. What types of payment do you accept?
6. Which plan is best for me?
7. Will I receive an invoice for tax purposes?

Posting Job Ads

1. Is it free to post a job?
2. What is a Job ad?
3. Who can post a job ad?

Supplier Listings

1. Can I change my photos or video at anytime?
2. Choosing Your State and Region for your supplier listing.
3. How are Supplier listed ranked?
4. How can I change my photos / video / demo etc?
5. How do I cancel my listing(s)?
6. How do I get my listing featured on the home page?
7. How do I remove my supplier listing?
8. How do I upload a video?
9. I've uploaded my photos but they are not showing on my profile?
10. My business is across many states or Australia wide, which state do I classify my listing?
11. Quick Start Guide: I just listed. What do I do now?
12. Will my Entertainment Now supplier listing appear in search engine results like Google?

General FAQ's

1. I don’t have a website. Can Entertainment Now create one for me?
2. Is Entertainment Now an agency?

Banner Ads

1. How much are banner ads?


No FAQs found.

Artist Representation, Distributors, Agents & Managers

1. Can my agent list my business on this site?

Privacy, respect and site use

1. How do I report abuse on this website?